Not a Step — A Novel

Not a Step

A Novel

author: Russell J.T. Dyer published: 2015-12-31 publisher: A Silent Killdeer isbn: 978-0983185444 genre: ficiton pages: 192 samples:
excerpt in english;
chapters in russian


Adopted as boys by Papa Giovanni, Martin and Claudio were nemeses. While Martin spends his life looking for lost love, Claudio seeks happiness in power. They collide occasionally over the years to hurt each other or to take revenge on the other.

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Finished Revising

posted: jul 15, 2018;  words: 219;  readers in past month:  243;  read more...

I’ve finished revising my new novel. It went from 600 to 350 pages and is a much better read. Now I need my editors, Andy Oram and Elena Kartushina to do their part. If all goes well, I hope to publish it by early November 2018.


posted: jun 9, 2018;  words: 238;  readers in past month:  268;  read more...

I received a first printing of my new novel, Not a Step. I still need to revise it, which will cut at least 100 pages. But I was surprised to see how much I had written over the past year or so.

Draft Finished!

posted: may 30, 2018;  words: 170;  readers in past month:  138;  read more...

I finished the first draft of my new novel, Not a Step. I need to do some significant revisions to a few chapters. I also need to condense it — it’s almost six-hundred pages now, but needs to be around four-hundred.

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